Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses Arraignment

July 19, 2011
On its face, Georgia arraignment appears to be a very easy concept; however, there are important aspects and consequences that must be considered.

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Georgia Arraignment is a very important step in the Criminal Justice System. At arraignment, the defendant appears in court and announces his plea of guilty or not guilty. If the defendant pleads guilty, then a plea hearing will occur shortly thereafter.  At the plea hearing, the defendant will be informed of the rights he or she is giving up by pleading guilty and the judge will make sure the defendant understands those rights and the plea hearing process.

If the defendant pleads not guilty, then the case will start the process of proceeding to trial.  At arraignment, the defendant will decide whether to have a bench trial or a jury trial. With a bench trial, the judge makes the decision as to the defendant’s guilt, whereas with a jury trial, the jury makes that decision.  A jury for a misdemeanor charge will be 6 people, a felony jury trial will have a jury of 12.

Once arraignment occurs, there is a very important 10 day window in which to file legal challenges and legal motions. These legal motions could include a Motion to Suppress, a general or special demurrer to the charges, or challenges on Miranda violations.

If you have a pending criminal charge in Georgia, it is important to have a Free Consultation with a Knowledgeable Georgia Criminal Defense Lawyer.

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About the authorJohn Breakfield  is a Georgia Lawyer with Breakfield & Associates, Attorneys in Gainesville, Georgia and handles DUI and various Arraignment and Georgia Criminal Defense matters.  The law office of Breakfield & Associates, Attorneys can assist clients throughout Georgia including: Hall County (Gainesville, OakwoodFlowery Branch), Jackson County  (Jefferson, Braselton) White County (Helen, Cleveland), Lumpkin County (Dahlonega), Dawson County (Dawsonville), Habersham County (Demorest, Cornelia), and all of Northeast Georgia.

This article and video should not be considered nor relied upon as legal advice since it is only intended for general overview and informational purposes. Please consult with an attorney on your specific situation in order to determine an appropriate legal course of action.

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